Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Diablo II

Today June 29, 2010 it the day 10 year ago that the highly anticipated game Diablo II came out. It was the sequel to the great game Diablo. Diablo II Improved on Diablo is so many ways added 5 character classes which are totally unique to each other. These Characters were: The Barbarian, The Paladin, The Amazon, and The Necromancer (my favorite character).

This game have very high replay value for example you could play as The Paladin and beat the game then play through as the Necromancer and beat the game and it’s a different experience each time because each character is unique in the fact that you need a different strategy to beat the game. The online play was phenomenal you could save your only characters on battle.net and play from any computer with Diablo II installed. You also had another option you can play offline then log into open battle.net and use your single play character online which was cool also because they also let you play on a LAN if you didn’t have internet access. The plus to playing online is that you can show off you characters in the chat rooms/lobbies. When you use open battle.net it only showed someone in a robe but either way playing only was lots of fun.

Exactly a year later on June 29, 2001 the expansion Diablo II: Lord of Destruction which added so much more to the game including two new characters: The Assassin and The Druid.

It also came with a bigger stash to hold more gold and items. It’s also added another act to the game Act V which gave you 6 more quests and the final quest where you fight Baal the Lord of Destruction. This gave the game so much more and Blizzard new exactly what to do with this game. Another thing that is gave Diablo II was that it gave the game very high replay value was when you beat the game it gave you more difficulties which help you level up your characters. When you beat the game with a certain character the first time you play the game on Normal. After you beat it you unlock Nightmare difficulty which is much more challenging you also get to go in the secret cow level as long as you have a full tomb of town portal and wirt’s leg and you put them in the Horadric Cube and the hit the transmute button and it opens the portal to the secret cow level. Make sure you are in the Rogue Encampment form the Act I. Diablo II is a awesome game and if you play World of Warcraft there is a lot of Diablo influence on the game but that’s my opinion of that game. Diablo II is an awesome game that so many including myself play this game people still play Diablo I these games haven’t lost their steam and I doubt they ever will. Happy Birthday Diablo II it’s been ten great years and we hope for many more years.

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