Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let's Play Mobile Games: Flappy Bird

I decided to do a quick let's play video with the game Flappy Bird. I try in this video to top my high score.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Homebrew Games: Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril

A few months ago my best friend DJ Bobby Hash (Video Game View) let me borrow a very fun game Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril.

This game is a homebrew NES game and it is a very fun game. It has a mega man feel and it stays true to an old school 8-bit game. This game is very hard with one hit kills. But it’s the type of hard game that makes you want to keep playing because you want to get farther in the game (kind of like Flappy Bird). This game has five difficulty Levels. The difficulty of the game to me didn’t really change when selecting a different difficulty. It just changes the stipulations and settings.

The Difficulties are as followed:

Easy – Infinite Continues, password feature and you start with Damage AMP.

Normal – Infinite Continues and password feature.

Hard – 50 Continues and no password feature.

Very Hard – 20 Continues and no password feature.

Unfair – No Continues and no password feature.

Normal is hard enough for me I may try some of the other difficulties once I beat in on NOrmal. But like I said it’s a hard but fun game. The controls are easy and function well. And the music is awesome. With the current generation of games being all that you see now it’s nice to see people are still making old school throwback games. I along with a lot of gamers agree that just because the graphics are awesome in a game that graphics do make the game and Battle Kid is a perfect example of that.

Here is some game footage for you to see courtesy of nesguide.

 If you would like to check out this game for yourself you can go to retrousb and find this game along with other great homebrews and reproduction carts including Nintendo World Championship 1990.