Friday, June 25, 2010

Game(s) of the Day: Michael Jackson's Monnwalker

In Memory of the late great King of Pop Michael Jackson

Today’s game(s) of the day Is Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker for the Arcade and the Sega Genesis.

These games were based on the movie Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.
The Arcade game was made first and it was a multiplayer adventure where you could be Michael Jackson in a White Suit or a Red Suit it all depended on which slot you put your quarter in. Some versions let you play with three players which had Michael Jackson in a Black Suit. The point of the game was to go around and save children and defeat the bosses. You could dance to wipe out all the enemies and you can also receive the Robo-Michael power up. He was a metal Machine that shot lasers from his arms. This was a great game and it was very fun to play. Here is video of the game play of the arcade game.

The Sega Genesis version is a bit different then the arcade version. This game is a side scrolling adventure. The point of this game is you go around and save the same little girl in the red dress with a teddy bear and there are a lot of those little girls. You are armed with glitter to throw on the enemies and you are armed with your special moves including: Michael Jackson’s signature hat throw, you can spin around and the make everyone on the stage dance with you and wipe them out which should only be used in boss battles, and last but not least you get the Robo-Michael power up its pretty rare but its way different and way cooler then Robo-Michael‘s in the arcade version. In the Genesis version he is a giant robot that flies around and shoots lasers and rockets it also reveals the location on all the little girls but you can rescue them. This games weren’t the best games and there were pretty repetitious, but when this game came out there weren’t many games like this that were based on a celebrity. It’s still a fun game and no matter what you say about MJ remember what Dave Chappelle said, “He made Thriller…THRILLER”. The Angry Video Game Nerd did a review on this game and he was brutally honest as usual but he didn’t rip on it as bad as most game he reviews. It’s a great video you can check it out below. This video was made before while Michael Jackson was still alive and it contains explicit language and content viewer discretion is advised.

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My friend also wrote a blog post about Moonwalker in memory of Michael Jackson click here to check it out.

Michael Jackson was an amazing artist and no one can compare to him he was the King of Pop and will forever be missed.

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