Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2nd Red Ring of Death

In July 2007 I received the Red Ring of Death. The first thing I used was the towel trick and that worked great but it wasn't a permanent solution to the problem so in August 2007 I decided to call Xbox Support (1-800-4MY-XBOX). Xbox Support was very good with their customer service and a few days later they sent me a box, I put my Xbox 360 into the box, Dropped it off at the UPS store. 3 weeks later I received another Xbox 360 with a free 1 month subscription card to Xbox Live which I gave to my brother-in-law Stewart. I hooked up my Xbox 360 up and started playing my games and I was very happy. As time went by I had been reading magazines talking about the Red Ring of Death still being an issue. I always had it the back of my head that it could happen again, but I just kept playing hoping that I wouldn't see the dreaded Red Ring of Death. Unfortunately it happened again February 22, 2010 my 2nd Xbox 360 received the Red Ring of Death. I didn't waste time I called Xbox Support again good customer service as usual. They set up my repair and this time they emailed me a UPS shipping label so I didn't have to wait a few days for a box I was able to boxed up my Xbox 360 today and dropped it off at Staples. In 2 - 3 weeks I should receive my Xbox 360. It is kind of annoying that this has happened, but at least they are still giving extended warranties and fixing Xbox 360. Now some people just gave up on Xbox 360 the first time they got the Red Ring of Death. They either went with a PS3 or a Wii. Now I have a Wii as well along with many other older systems I don't have a PS3, but both of these systems have had issues as well Xbox 360 just has them with way more systems. I have heard the PS3 has the yellow light of death, and the Wii had the black screen of death which I have had. When I had the issues with the Wii I lost my save games, but I still had the licenses for WiiWare and Virtual Console games and could download them again. I love the fact that I can detach the Xbox 360 hard drive because I didn't lose my save files. Like I said I'm kind of annoyed with the Red Ring of Death, but I will not turn my back on my Xbox 360 like my friend said great software and bad hardware. Hopefully this will be the last time this happens, but if it does I will repeat the same steps for repair that I just did for this Xbox 360. Please don't give up faith in the Xbox 360.

The Video Game Pad

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