Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Game of the Day: Knuckles Chaotix

Today’s game of the day is Knuckles Chaotix for the Sega 32x.

This is a very fun game. If you have played any Sonic games you will have no problem with this game. The thing that makes this unique is the fact you always have a partner and they are connected to you by the power rings you both hold. This doesn’t matter too much in one player mode, but in two player mode you must work together if you don’t have teamwork you won’t complete anything in the level together. You start off as Knuckles for the opening stage and you meet Espio the Chameleon and he becomes your first partner. After beating the opening level you can pick from Knuckles the Echidna, Mighty the Armadillo (who previously appeared in the 1993 arcade game SegaSonic the Hedgehog), Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee and Vector the Crocodile. The game also featured two additional partners known as Heavy the Cook and Bomb the Bomb. These character you can get from the claw machine where you get your partner in one player mode (You can use the claw machine in two player mode as well). Heavy and Bomb are pretty much useless. Heavy is a robot that kills everything he runs into and is indestructible. Bomb is quick but all he does is blows up when he gets hit and hurts enemies around the explosion and he can also hurt his friends as well. This is a very fun fast paced game like all the Sonic games. This is one of the better games on the 32x and its pretty rare now a days. When it came out it got mixed reviews you either loved it or hated it. I was part of the group who loved it. If you have a 32x this game is worth picking up. Check out the video below to see some of the game play.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nintendo 64 w/ expansion pack 3 controllers for sale on eBay

I have a Nintendo 64 w/ expansion pack 3 controllers & 3 games for sale on eBay.

If you would like to make a bid on the Nintendo 64 click here.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Complete for Intellivision For Sale on eBay

Hey Everyone I wanted to you all know that I am selling a copy of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for Intellivision on eBay.

If you would like to check it out and/or make a bid click here.

I don't own an Intellvision and would like to give this game a good home to someone who has an Intellivision or who just likes to collect games happy bidding.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great Finds: Sega 32x and Model 2 Sega Genesis

The other day I was looking through my local Goodwill and I came across something great. I found a Sega 32x with a Model 2 Sega Genesis with all the hook-ups and 2 controllers all for twenty dollars.

I have been trying to find for a long time for the right price. The only thing missing were the metal prongs which you don’t need for the 32x to work and the ram was missing but that's easy to find. This was a great deal and a great find. I have found other 32x systems for around that same price without any hook-ups complete 32x systems were being sold for $50 - $60 on average. I feel that is too much for a 32x and I don’t know why it’s hard to find a 32x with hook-ups. I’m just happy I found this 32x because there are a few games that were on the 32x I really enjoyed playing.

This was another great find I had but my hunt for games is never over. Wish me luck as I continue the hunt and I also wish all of you luck in your hunt for games as well.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Game of the Day: Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III US SNES)

Today’s game of the Day is Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III US SNES release). This is one of favorite Final Fantasy games in the series. This game was released as Final Fantasy III in the US on the Super Nintendo and re-released for the PlayStation as part of the Final Fantasy Anthology. Then it was released again on the Game Boy Advance as Final Fantasy VI advance. The game is the exact same as the version on the SNES. The PlayStation added some nice cinematics. The only difference on Final Fantasy VI Advance is they gave each character a job label. For example Locke is an Adventurer and Sabin is a Monk. The GBA version also has a quick save option which has been added to a lot of RPGs on hand held systems. The version I own in the GBA version. Final Fantasy VI has one of the most unique cast of characters. Each character has his/her own set of special skills. Here are a few examples: Locke can steal, Edgar can use tools and Sabin uses his blitz skills. There is also a character named Shadow who shows up from time to time. You can pay him to fight by your side but he can leave at anytime. You never know how long he will say with you it’s very random. There are also times where your adventure can split off in to different parts. You are also able to pick which part of the story you want to play first. Regardless of your choice of what order you complete the different branches they will always connect at the ends of each branch. This game like most Final Fantasy games has a killer sound track. The boss battle theme is probably one of my most favorite songs in the series. This is an awesome and there are multiple systems so it’s easy to get a hold of. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy or turn based RPGs and you haven’t played this game you must get this game and play it. You can check out the game play in the video below.

Game Play Video

PlayStation Version Opening Video

FFVI Boss Battle Theme