Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 '10

E3 '10 is this week and I think it going to be a big year. The game I'm the most excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am very excited about the game because I love KOTOR. I wish they would have made a 3rd game to complete the game for us because the 2nd game left us hanging big time with the horrible endings it had. Bioware can't be held responsible for that because Obsidian made the sequel to KOTOR. They didn't do a bad job with the game but they got lazy with the ending. The question on my mind is will The Old Republic take the crown of top MMORPG from World of Warcraft and more importantly with it take me away from WoW? Only time will answer this question for us. I am very excited to see what everyone at E3 has to offer. I'll be doing my research and watching E3 Live on G4TV ( I'll have more to say when E3 is complete.

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