Thursday, November 15, 2012

Xbox Live Turn 10 This Year!

Happy Birthday Xbox Live!

Its hard to believe that is has been 10 years since Xbox Live started. Since its started online console play has   skyrocketed up and more and more people sign up everyday. I remember I couldn't sign up for Xbox live when it was first available because at the time I lived in an area without high speed internet. Once I went away to college I was able to sign up. I remember the first time I logged on I played Halo 2 for hours when I should have been doing my Homework (I did get my homework done but its was much later when I did). I also remember play Dead or Alive 2 also and realizing how bad I was compared to the other players. The Xbox live starter set came with a headset which came with an adapter to hook into your controller to use the headset making it easier to talk to other players. Xbox Live was and in my opinion was and is still the best online console gaming experience. Today Xbox Live has evolved into so much more then just online gaming who knew it could get better. I will continue to game on Xbox Live among many other things. 

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