Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Finds: A Boy and His Blob

A few days ago I was at a used bookstore called Edward McKay. This bookstore also sells used video games and also used vintage video games. I was looking around at there games and came across an NES game in the box with everything included. The game was A boy and his blob a great game for the NES.

This game had everything including the Styrofoam block at the bottom at the box. I picked this game up for $9 and was very excited to get this game that cheep in the box complete with everything. As a kid I usually would do what anyone would do I would threw the box out. Who knew they would be collector items.

I also have the Boxes for Double Dragon 1 and 2 but I only have the boxes and games and the boxes aren't in very good shape.

Even though the boxes aren't in great shape they still hold some value. I picked these games at a yard sale in 1996 for $2 each so I can't really complain. A word of advise don't throw your game boxes out if you still have them.

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