Friday, March 5, 2010

2nd Red Ring of Death Resolved

February 22, 2010 I received my 2nd Red Ring of Death on my 2nd Xbox 360 and I shipped it for repair February 23, 2010. A few days after I shipped the console I received a notice that they received the console. Then a few days later I received another notice saying the repair was complete and they sent my console back to me. Today March 5, 2010 I received my replacement Xbox 360. They said it could take 2 -3 weeks to get your Xbox 360 back from the day you shipped it. It has been about a week and a half and I have received my Xbox 360. I also received a 1 month Xbox Live Gold card for free. It took half the time to get my console and I got a free month of Xbox Live. I have to say Microsoft is getting good at this making sure gamers that are without their Xbox 360 aren't without it for very long. Hopefully this will be the last time this happens to me and hopefully they resolve these issues once and for all.

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