Friday, August 27, 2010

Video Game Movies The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It’s very common to see video games based off of movies it’s a way to cash in on the market especially for kids movies because kids will play anything. Then from time to time you get a movie based on video games. I must ask this though why is it very rare that these movies suck? Well here is a list of reasons why:

1. The movie rarely follows the story line of the video game.

2. The makers of these movies love making so called creative changes

3. The main creative changes are changes to characters to make the movie more interesting and they always fail.

4. Most of these movies seem to be rushed

5. They know by making these movies gamers will watch and they can make a quick buck.

Those are a few reasons why these movies are bad there are many more but I couldn’t possibility list them all. Now there are a couple of video games movies that are good for example Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
This movie is a sequel to Final Fantasy VII the best game every made. This movie wasn’t rushed and it was made so well sticking to the story of the game and build up the characters even more than they already are. That movie was awesome and it was done the way video game movies should be made. It didn’t hurt that Square Enix was in control of this movie. I haven’t watched every single video game movie but do you blame me? You know when a video game movie is going to flop and if you never really played them game you aren’t interested anyway. Video game movies that I know suck: BloodRayne I never played the game so I never wanted to watch movie and the worst thing is they made a straight to DVD squeal. House of the Dead I’ve played this game and I don’t know many who haven’t played this game but when I saw the preview told me everything I needed to know. Alone in the Dark never played the game we all know the movie sucks and Wing Commander same story. Out of the video game movies I’ve watched I have made a top 5 list of the worst video game movies that I’ve watched:

5. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation – Now the first Mortal Kombat wasn’t that great either but I still enjoy watching it because they stuck to the games little bit of story line pretty well, but annihilation was horrible they killed off Johnny Cage at the beginning and the story felt to be all over the play. The only thing I liked about the movie was James Remar played a pretty good Raidan and I’m a far of James Remar he is a good Actor.

4. Double Dragon – Another movie thrown together to make a quick buck. There really wasn’t anything to do with the video games. At least they kept Billy and Jimmy Lee brothers. Mark Dacascos who played Jimmy Lee is doing pretty well for himself. He is the chairman on the show Iron Chef America and he is a very skilled martial artist.

3. Super Mario Bros. – This was so far from Super Mario Bros. They made Mario are Luigi father and son they are brothers. King Koopa was a human in the movie everything was wrong with this movie why did they have to do this to the Mario Brothers. There is nothing Super about this movie but again some of the actors in this movie have had good careers.

2. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within – This movie was such a letdown. This movie technically isn’t based off of any particular game but it has Final Fantasy in its name. This movie sucked so bad the guy in charge of making this movie was fired. So say if you dropped Final Fantasy from the name and just called it The Spirits Within it would have been a good movie because they wouldn’t have compared it to Final Fantasy. This movie would have sucked no matter the name and if it didn’t have Final Fantasy in the name not as many people would have gone to see this movie. The good thing about this movie is the CGI and Graphics were awesome and it was before its time. Too bad it didn’t help the story.

1. Silent Hill – This movie is the bane of my existence. The only thing this movie has in common with the game is its name. They had a couple of things to help kind of tie it to the game. But they changed so much they it wasn’t really Silent Hill. The main thing I hated was that they changed the main character to a woman and we all know in the first game the main character was a guy looking for his daughter. This to me is the worst video game movie ever made why couldn’t they just have stuck to the story line of the game. It beats me. I wish I had never seen this movie but if I had not seen this movie it wouldn’t be my number 1 worst video game movie of all time.

You may disagree with my choices in my list but the movies in my top 5 only have a difference of .001 of suckage between them. There are so many other video game movies that suck out there but are somewhat entertaining. Street Fighter with Jean Claude Van Damme he was the American Guile with a French accent. And since when was Guile the main character Ryu and Ken are the ones the animated movies follows the closest. But they had to highlight Van Damme. This movie offers some entertainment with Kylie Minogue as Cammy and it’s not that bad. The Resident Evil movies these movies get mixed reviews in my opinion the first Resident Evil movie was good it was a prequel to the games but they should have killed off Alice and followed Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield for the 2nd movie but they had to change things like they always do in video game movies. Doom that movie was entertaining and it had the BFG 9000. It was based on Doom 3 more than anything and they did well with the enemies. Even though they did some things right there was very much wrong so the movie still falls short. There is also The Wizard this movie is a movie about video games. Pretty much everyone knows its a giant Nintendo Commercial. I still like to watch this movie because it was the first time I saw Super Mario Bros. 3 and it was a great feeling and I still love reliving the feeling over and over again. They will never stop making bad movies based on video games so we should just get used to it but there is some hope. They are going to make a movie based of Mass Effect and if they pick the right people and stick to the story they should do fine. The games are like movies already so they really don’t have any excuse to mess up the movie.

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