Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy 15th Anniversary Final Fantasy VII

On January 31, 1997 Final Fantasy VII was released in Japan on the Sony PlayStation. Later that year on September 7, 1997 it was released in North America. This year is the 15th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. This was a huge game in the series because this was the first Final Fantasy game released during the 32 bit/64 bit era of video games. It was also the first time a Final Fantasy game was not released on a Nintendo System. Final Fantasy VII was the first game I ever played in the series and it was also the first one I beat. FF7 got me into the Final Fantasy series (Super Mario RPG got me into JRPGs all together). FF7 was a ground breaking game it did so much for JRPGs in North America. This game gave us awesome cinematic, a great story line, awesome music and great battles. FF7 seemed to have it all. It also confused us because the last Final Fantasy released in America was Final Fantasy III. We quickly learned Final Fantasy III was actually Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy II was Final Fantasy IV in Japan. Today all the Final Fantasy have pretty much be released in America and all remakes and re-releases have been named correctly. But back to Final Fantasy VII this was a very long game. If you want to get everything you will be playing for around 100+ hours. To get the ultimate summon in the game Knights of the Round you have to get a Golden Chocobo and to get a Golden Chocobo you have to raise Chocobos and that can be time consuming but the reward is worth it. Knight of the Round is an awesome summon it may take about Five minutes to complete but it’s so awesome, and if you want to stand an chance against Emerald and Ruby Weapon you have to have that summon a long with a few other things. If it wasn’t for FF7 I would haveo had an awesome movie which was a direct sequel to the video game Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. This movie truly captured the atmosphere the game and the CGI and animation is amazing. The movie also give you a quick run through of the game’s stor never gone back and played games like Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest. I would have gone through life never playing other great games and it’s because of FF7 I did that. So not only was FF7 a masterpiece of a video game it also opened my eyes to other great games and I am forever grateful for that. FF7 has also has a two video games spin offs: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII which was a prequel and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII which was a sequel. Both are very good games in my opinion. It alsy line so if you haven’t played the game or don’t want to take the time to play it you can watch that on the DVD and watch the movie. The movie is worth watching even if you haven’t played the game. Final Fantasy VII has recently been re-released on the PC and can be download on the PlayStation Network. We are still waiting for a remake and I hope we get it but who knows if we will but I still hoping and praying that we get a remake. I know I’m late but its better late than never Happy 15th Anniversary Final Fantasy VII.

Knights of the Round Summon

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