Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top Games of 2011

I finally got some time to get my top lists together. It only top 7 due to a limited cash flow this year I was unable to buy or rent games to play (we all can relate to that). But here it is my Top 7 games of 2011. These are games I have played if I haven’t played the game it’s not on this list.

7. Lego Harry Potter: Years 5 – 7: The Lego games keep getting better and better. This is a great addition to the Lego game and they have added so much more to the game play this go around. If you have played Lego Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4 you won’t be lost. They also have duals and many other things that make this an awesome game. It is also darker just like the Books and Movies are the farther you get into it the darker is gets.

6. L.A. Noire - This is one of the most original games I’ve played in a while. You get to start as a cop and move your way up the ladder at the LAPD. You have to investigate crime scenes, gather clues and evidence and Question and Interrogate witnesses and suspects. You also have to watch these people closely and figure out if they are telling the truth, fibbing a little or outright lying. If you accuse someone of lying you must be able to back it up. You have to fully investigate if you didn’t fully look over a crime scene you can miss something and if you can’t back up your claim you can lose a case or let a bad guy off the hook. When driving around the city it’s like GTA4 except you are the Law this time.

5. Mortal Kombat – This is an amazing fighting game. The thing I like most is the simplicity. The Moves are easy to do and the graphics are awesome. One small thing in the game that is huge for me is the ability to change your stance just like in a real fight. That may not be a big thing but someone like me who practices martial arts it is a big thing. This brings me back to the first Mortal Kombat. It’s so awesome that they went back to the old school style while keeping it new school. They also brought by the famous uppercut that everyone love. The Fatalities are awesome and you have more to choose from in this game. Even if you aren’t a fan of Mortal Kombat but you like fighting game you got to try this game out. If you Like Mortal Kombat you probably own this game if not go buy it.

4. Pokémon Black & White – An awesome addition to the Pokémon series. It adds so much an awesome story line, lots of content and for the first time you get 2 rivals which later turned its 3 rivals. What is nice about these Pokémon games is that unlike the other games that are pretty much identical games with different Pokémon. Black & White are the same but have a lot of differences like Black has the Black City and White has the White Forest. Also there is a city in the Black version that looks futuristic and high tech, but in the White version the city is an old looking city where the people cling to the old ways. Black has rotation battles and White has triple battles throughout the game. You can battle any way you want online which is awesome. The online battle system is very fun and the trading system is awesome it lets you connect to people all over the world and you can get all the Pokémon you need from others as long as you have a Pokémon they want. If you like RPGs this is a great handheld RPG. This is a great game for the fan I took a hiatus from Pokémon after Gold & Silver and this is the game that brought me back to the series now I have a lot of catching up to do.

3. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – This is an fantastic game I have played other Elder Scrolls games is the past and this game has left the other in the dusts. The other games in the series are good but Skyrim is just that much better. I love the level up system and I also like that you can wield a spell in one hand and a melee weapon in the other. You can build up your character any way you want it feels like there are no restrictions to what you can do. Just like any other game in the series there is a lot to do and you will want to do it all.

2. Gears of War 3 – This was the most anticipated game of 2011 for me and it was a great way to end the trilogy. With 4 player co-op and very fun multiplayer modes this is a great game for the shooter fans. This story is great and pretty much all the loose ends are tied up you also find out if Clayton Carmine lives or dies. I voted to Save Carmine and I know people who Voted to have it killed off like it brothers but if you haven’t played the game I won’t ruin it for you. They added a couple more weapons and some new multiplayer modes include Beast mode which is the reverse of Horde mode. Horde mode is my favorite multiplayer mode to play.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – This game is simply a masterpiece. This game truly blew me away. Most Zelda games do but this game skyrocketed into my list of top Zelda games which I will save for another blog. I have never in my opinion played a bad Legend of Zelda game I thing they are bad one (As I’ve said before I don’t count the games on the CD-I they aren’t true Zelda game and I haven’t played them so it best to leave those games forgotten). I love playing with the WiiMotion Plus it added so much to the game and its pretty accurate. The story is awesome and the game play is as well. This game is a must play and a must own so go get it if you own a Wii there isn’t an excuse for you not to own this game.

Here is my list of top 4 games I haven’t played but want to play. These are based looks and what the reviews have said.

4. Portal 2 – Portal 1 was totally awesome game and then we get portal 2 which looks 10 times better.

3. Batman: Arkham City – Batman: Arkham Asylum was another awesome game and from want I have seen and heard Arkham City is much better.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – I love the Modern Warfare series I will purchase this game soon. It looks so awesome. If it is anything like the previous Modern Warfare games it will be awesome.

1. Super Mario 3D Land – I don’t own a 3DS but I want a 3DS for this game. I have watched someone play it and it looks awesome this game looks like a good enough reason to buy a 3DS.

Here is my top list of most anticipated game of 2012.

4. Bioshock Infinite – Bioshock came out of the blue and blew me away this series is awesome and I can’t wait for this latest installment.

3. Halo 4 – I love the Halo Series and can’t wait for the 4th installment I love the story line of this series and I love the multiplayer as well.

2. Diablo III – This year marks the 15th anniversary the Diablo Series so it’s a perfect year to release a new Diablo game. I hope that this game come out this year we have been told it will be out in the first quarter of 2012, but we know how Blizzard is they are perfectionists and they will push a game back just to make sure everything is perfect. It’s good to know they do this but its can get frustration as anticipation builds the more and more as we wait for this game.

1. Mass Effect 3 – My most anticipated game of 2012. This is my favorite video game trilogy and I haven’t even played the 3rd game yet but I know it will be awesome. Bioware is the best at making choice adventure games and it always gives you a reason to play the game multiple times. I will be sad to see the Mass Effect games come to the end but all good things must come to an end. That is why Mass Effect 3 is my most anticipated game of 2012 because the first two games and so freaking awesome.

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  1. It's good to hear that Skyward sword is good! I had very high hopes for it :D yeah there are so many good games on the 3DS but im not dedicated enough to get it for just a few games x)