Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Month with Halo Reach

It has been a Month since Halo Reach has come out and it has been a good month. This is an awesome edition to the series. The Multiplayer is better than ever with a new leveling system, new game modes and much more. Firefight have been enhanced so much the best part about Firefight is that you can use matchmaking to find people to play with. When Firefight came out on Halo 3: ODST you had to just play with your friends or hope online and find people playing Halo 3 and ask them if they want to play Firefight. You come for the single player and you stay for the multiplayer. The single player campaign is one of the best Halo campaigns in a while. It’s still not better than the original Halo but it’s very satisfying. Its action packed from start to finish and it’s so much fun. The main issues I have with campaign is that the character development is weak and the checkpoints were very random you either got them when you didn’t want them and when you wanted them you didn’t get them. Back to the character development it seemed that they didn’t put much into the Characters they were all different but you didn’t develop any type of relationship with the characters. Everyone that follows the series knows Reach is lost and pretty much everyone dies, but when as the characters die off you really don’t care too much about it. You know how you feel when you play some games and the character development is so deep that if a character you have grown to love dies it makes you up set I can name a couple of times where that have happened to me. Overall the Campaign is fun there is even an Easter egg close to the end of the game there is a dance club for the Covenant.

The multiplayer is the best multiplayer Bungie pull out all the stops for this one. They seem to have taken notes from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Even though it is similar to the COD: Modern Warfare it is still different. You can even gain credits/experience while playing the campaign as well. Bungie also has Daily and Weekly challenges that help you get even more credits/experience. There are so many different games types to play which include classics like: Team slayer, Firefight, and Capture the flag. Their new game types consist of: Headhunters, Invasion, and Elite slayer. Halo Reach is awesome and it it’s totally worth the buy even if you aren’t a fan of Halo. Halo was and is a revolution when Halo first came into the gaming world its changed how we saw and played first person shooters and it will set and hold its place in the past, present, and future. Angry Joe did a review of Halo Reach and it’s a good review. This video contains explicit language and content viewer discretion is advised.

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