Friday, September 24, 2010

Modding your Super Nintendo to play Super Famicom games

Ever wanted to play a Super Famicom game but you didn’t have Super Famicom to play it on. Well there is an easy way to mod your Super Nintendo. First I want to compare an SNES cartridge with an SFC cartridge. In the image below you will see the two cartridges.

You will see the SNES cartridge is wider than the SFC cartridge. Now look at the pin connectors in the picture below.

You see that the pin connectors look the same. You show noticed there is something that sets these apart and it’s the slots on the on the SNES cartridge. If you look at the picture below you will see that the SFC cartridge doesn’t have the slots.

If you try to put the SFC cartridge in the SNES it won’t fit because it doesn't have the slots.

Now it’s time to make the SFC cartridge fit into the SNES. To mod you SNES all need is just needle nose pliers just like the pliers below.

Open the slot of the SNES and you will see two tab. Take a look at the picture below and you will see where they are located.

Take the needle nose pliers and brake off the tabs. They should break right off and you will have two tabs like the ones below.

Your SNES should look like this now.

Now the SFC cartridge will fit in the SNES.

Congratulations you have modded your SNES to play Japanese SFC games. You will only be able to play Japanese games. You will not be able to play European SNES games because its PAL not NTSC. This is easy to do and it doesn’t require you to mess with the circuit board on you SNES.