Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Game of the Day: Coach K College Basketball

Today's game of the day in Coach K College Basketball

The main reason I picked this game as the game of the day is because the Duke Blue Devils won the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship yesterday and being a Duke fan myself I'm very happy about it. Another reason this is a very good basketball game and how many College Coaches have their own video game? Not many. Coach Mike Krzyzewski is a living legend he now has 4 NCAA championships to his name and he also Coached the USA Men's Olympic team and brought home the Gold in 2008. But enough about Coach K lets talk about his video game. This basketball game is one of the better basketball games released on the Sega Genesis. At the team select screen there is something called the Coach K Report. This is where he gives some facts about the two teams selected. Its a solid sports game and lots of fun. If you have a Sega Genesis its worth picking up you can find the game on eBay, Amazon, or a vintage used game store for a great price. Even if you are not a Duke fan this game is still worth picking up.